Sunday, May 14, 2006


That day i had been to my college for my FYJC results. I was exited as I was going to meet my friends after a long time. For the results we were supposed to bring along with us a receit worth RS. 1000 which had been given to us by the college for charity as it had turned a 100 years old. I had completely forgotten about that. when I reached the college my friend reminded me about that slip. We decided to turn back and get the slip. As there was much rush and there wasn't much time to lose, we decided to skip buying tickets. We somehow managed to save ourselves from the eyes of the TTE. Later we took the slip and went back to college and all was fine. A couple of days earlier I had made a decision that I would make an extra effort to save money. So at the end of the day I was hapy that I had managed to save RS. 4(that means an extra cup of coffee for me). While coming back I decided to take the bus route. Just as I got down from the bus I don't know what happened but I had an immense feeling of guilty. I had cheated my own goverment just for rs. 4. I felt ashamed of myself. I decided that I would give RS. 4 to a beggar that day(something which I was never used to doing). Incidentally the very next moment I met an old man who came up to me and told that he had lost his money in an accident and needed some money for bus fare(generally it is RS. 5 or 6). I promptly handed him the money and eased the burden on me. That day I travelled ticketless(I have never ever done that and I strongly despise doing that), I decided to come by the bus route back home(I rarely do that as I believe train saves time), I had pangs of guilty(I am a very shameless person) and I found someone to hand over the money. Was it coincidence or was there a divine hand involved?

Friday, May 05, 2006


Senior BJP leader Pramod Mahajan passed away on May 3 after battling death for 12 days. Like everyone else I too felt sad. I felt a sense of emptiness on that day. It was strange as I have never ever have been even in 100 metre radius of Mahajan nor he has influenced my life in any way. But somehow I felt lost when I saw his remains being consigned to the flames. India lost a young leader. This loss is irrepearable. Mahajan was a charismatic leader who had the capability of leading the BJP again to glory. His organizational and PR skills were unquestioned. BJP will find it hard to fill the void that is created due to his demise. Today a leading marathi daily published in its editorials that when there is a vacuum in air, air rushes from all sides to fill it. So going by this rule, the BJP shouldn't worry about replacements for Mahajan. They will come by their way. But what I want to point out that when this happens there brews a cyclone and the storm blows everything away. Is the BJP ready in case such a storm arises? Can the BJP find a leader who can brave all storms and lead the party to its final destination? I feel sad for the children of both the Majahans in question. Their lives have forever been changed for no fault of their's. Most appaling was the manner in which Mahajan died. He certainly didn't deserve to die at the hands of his own brother. We are nowadays seeing so many cases of sibling rivalry. Mukesh-Anil Ambani, Raj-Uddhav Thackrey and now Pravin-Pramod Mahajan. Will Ram and Laxman be the only siblings in history of India who lived with camarederie befitting for blood brothers?