Saturday, July 22, 2006

I could not keep writing what I had wanted to write because there was some problem with my blog. Bad Bad Blogger! I wanted to share many things but I could not keep up with the pace of events occuring. So now expect something rather stale from me.
Here goes the first one.
Here are some snapshpts from the world cup which touched me.

David Beckham after England
lost a match they should have won.

The German captain....and coach. They almost made me cry.

The Portuguese could not stop themselves. Ronaldo too.

France too consoled each other

One legends farewell to another.

And the final one.... log chlormint kyun khate hain?

Saturday, July 15, 2006


A joke told to me by a friend: what did Materrazi said to Zidane that the latter got animated and head butted him?
he asked, " log chlormint kyun khate hain?".
Dubaraa mat poochnaa!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Today I finally got my quarterly season ticket which again eluded me for a consecutive fourth time yesterday. I think that it is jinxed. So I have kept it now as a prized posession. I hope that it does not cause any trouble to me in the next 3 months.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Today I have to get myself a season ticket for the journey I have to make to college everyday. It is a long awaited moment as the pass has avoided me everytime I came close to clutching it. I get a concession and travel by 1st class. But yesterday I decided otherwise. All the blasts had been caused in 1st compartments and I contemplated whether it would be safe to travel by 1st class anymore. But then I realised what a big mistake I am making. This is just exactly what the terrorists want us to be ; frightened. Are we going to let them enjoy the feeling that we Mumbaikars are scared? Not at all. We are not afraid of anybody. I will get my pass and travel by train. Come what may!

Monday, July 10, 2006


I was little unhappy about the result. France were the better team. Italy played unsportingly. They faked injuries, commited fouls and still got away. Zidane's outburst was justified. He too could not stand biased refreeing. Sadly the French could not win the title they deserved to win.
And now more about the world's best goalkeeper!
I am not taking potshots at him but this is what I feel.
During the penalty shootouts, even if Barthez could not stop any, he picked up the correct side 3 out of 5 times. While the World's most expensive goalie did a cheap job. He got it all wrong at all times. You get 9 men to defend the goal post, opponents manage to get only 2 shots at your goal, you some how save them with some luck proudly showing your athleticism every time you do that and you become the world's most expensive goalkeeper? Dammned be Buffon. Exposed when you are left to defend the goal all alone?
Italy are only a bunch of mafioso. Matchfixers! They want the media to observe the omerta now? May all of them get demoted to serie B, C, or Z whatever.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

World's best Goalie?

Wow. I am exited. World's Best Goalkeeper! fooled by Zidane.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I felt very bad yesterday when Germany lost. They were really playing well. I was shocked when Grosso hit a goal in last minute of extra time and was shattered when Del Piero hit the last. Italy just did not deserve to win. What can you say of a team that needs more than 5 men in the defence to stop the opponents and can score only when the opponents are tired. I have always felt natural inclination for Germany. I will go against them only if (in chance) they ever play India. I could myself feel for the weeping German fans. Now that Germany are out of contention, I am rooting for anyone who will defeat Italy. I am looking forward to enjoy todays match. Anyone wins, I wish them best of luck. In the end they must defeat bloody Azzuris.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Today very heavy rains lashed Mumbai. Memories of the fateful day of 26th July 2005 (also called 26/7 like 9/11) were brought back. Water flooded the streets and I nearly would have had another 'swimming pool in my house' experience had Rain Gods not stopped the deluge in time. Being caught in the floods is a really terrible experience as I have experienced it in the past. All your contact with the outside world is broken. All phones are dead, power is missing, if the situation is as bad as 26/7, worst no papers too. The worst part of this is that you feel that the calamity is localised and after a couple of days you come to know that the entire city suffered. All food is washed away and you are left starving (even the shops dont have food, so no question of buying). This problem will continue as long as the nullahs (they are supposed to be rivers. Yes proper rivers like Yamuna, Ganges although not as big) are not repaired. They will conyinue to flood Mumbai. And this is just the beginning of monsoon. I wonder how will the people pull through the whole 3 or 4 months.