Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Day before yesterday our great Bismillah Khan died. He was one of the very few musicians who could be called magicians. I had the fortune of listening his shehnai on one fine auspicious Diwali morning. It was a once in a lifetime experience(DD comes up with good programs very rarely). I was entharlled by the reverberations of his shehnai which I think are holy. Listening to his shehnai on the dawn of Diwali was one of the most fulfilling experiences in music. I will always savour that moment in my life. I will surely miss him.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Music as (not) understood by me

Sorry. I have been a bit too irregular lately. These days I had some guys and gals asking me some questions about music (they discovered lately that I manage to play the harmonium and came to the conclusion that I know too much about music). But I honestly say that I have not at all understood music. I tried to think about it and finally came to the conclusion that music is the outlet of an artists expression, of his feelings. We are bound to like any particular music track only if we believe fully in the philosophy of the musician who creates it. It is like this: if there are two musicians 1 and 2 having different thought on two issues for example issues 2. love. And suppose you share musician 1's feelings on socials issues and 2's on love. If there comes a time when they both release their albums on both these issues you will like musician 1's music on social issues and 2's on love even if you do not know any of them as individuals personally. It happens every time. It is the sole reason why we enjoy heavy metal as well as classical music at the same time even though they are vastly different. I believe that any person who says that he loves just one kind of music and not anything else is not at all a true music lover and does not know anything about music. This is because no two people ( musician and the listener) can have exactly same thoughtline. Music is of two types. 1. that just makes you dance and enjoy and 2.that which makes you fantasize about it. Music of type 1 is hear and forget. You come across this almost everyday. Music of type 2 is the one which you remember for the rest of your life. When you fantasize about it you make it a part of your life. It is this kind of music which invokes respect. Nowadays I am listening to good old rock music of the 60s and 70s. I have found it better that today's rock and metal music. Another important thing I found out was that I got a deja vu feeling many times while hearing that. I was not able to remember where I had heard that before but I was sure that I had heard that somewhere. Then this site came to my help. Here you will find all bollywood songs that you like and also find that on which all foreign songs they are based on. For some not so uncommon cases you will find that my word 'based' is too moderate and the songs have been copied note to note. This has increased my dislike for newage Bollywood music.
Expect some more on this from me in the next few days.