Monday, April 24, 2006


While surfing on the net I came across this picture. A witty picture indeed. It shows the God of Death staring through a rear view mirror. Meant for alcoholics who still hold the steering wheel despite being filled to the brim with booze. The cacth line ' OBJECTS IN THE MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR ' adds spice to it.


This is another one. Dhoni striking a Hanumanesque pose (animated) after slaying the ten headed demon from Lanka (it should have been eleven headed but never mind). It is an irony (or coincidence) that the ten headed dreaded demon Ravana was also from Lanka(I always wonder why Muralitharan looks like one of those asura rakshasas they used to show in RAMAYANA). Cricket fans will agree with me that Dhoni's single handed annihilation of Sri Lanka and Pakistan came as a pleasant surprise. India were looking for a multipurpose batsman who could finish mathes single-handedly and take the game away from the opponent with a blink of an eye. India's search seems to have ended with the arrival of demolition man Dhoni.


24th April is a red letter day in the life of an Indian cricket fan. It is the birthday of their Demi God Sachin Tendulkar. Today Sachin Tendulkar turned 33. This means that he has devoted exactly half his life to cricket. This is the master blaster's second consecutive birthday in the wilderness of injury. This man carries the burden of numerous hopes and aspirations of millions of Indians everytime he comes in to bat. If cricket were a religeon, I bet Sachin's birthday would be celebrated with as pomp and flair as Ganesh-Chaturthi (except for that visarjan part). A devout fan has created a complete 'SACHIN CHALISA' a la Hanuman Chalisa. Ii have uploaded it here alongside. It may be unclear. So you may have to copy it and then enlarge it to get a clear view. I do not have many fond memories of his birthdays except his 25th one where in Sharjah he thrashed another birthday boy Damien Fleming of Australia to lead India to victory. Lets hope by the time he turns 38, I have many other such memories. I wish Sachin a very happy birthday and hope that he starts batting again like the way only he can.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Today senior BJP leader Pramod Mahajan was shot at his residence by none other than his own brother Pravin Mahajan. This seems to be a crisis for not only his family but also for BJP. After all BJP's state of affairs is down in doldrums. First of all in the 2004 elections BJP recieved a beating. Then it has been troubled by a series of rifts between senior leaders like Uma Bharati and Advani. Things between Lalkrishna Advani and President Rajnath Singh are not getting better either. Add to that AB Vajpayees bad back and theBJP is left without a savior. Pramod Mahajan who not so long ago was termed as the 'LAKSHMAN' in the party now lies wounded on the battlefield and their seems to be no HANUMAN to bring him back from the brink of death. Mahajan is a young yet experienced campaigner and has played an important role in running the partys machinery in a well oiled manner. BJP looks upon him to lead itself to glory once again. As the future leader's future lies undecided BJP's future is in the dark. If things dont improve in the near future the BJP faces the danger of being lost in the quagmire of Iindian Politics. May god save Pramod Mahajan and the BJP.

Emraan Hashmis dream run in Bollywood continues. I happened to hear his latest film Gangster's music. It is too good. His past 6 films out of the total 7 which he has done have been hits only due to its music. Gangster also seems to follow the same path. This guy gets films despite his wooden face, gets to dance on the best songs and gets to romance the most beautiful actressess onscreen. LUCKY GUY.......

The Indian team going to the Carribean has been selected. Even though no changes have been made in the team this decision is very very important. First of all because there is now just a gap of nearly 40 ODI's between this series and the World Cup which is to be held here. This gap should be utilized by the team to get settled. This also makes the fact clear that all experiments will now stop and more or less the same team will carry India's hopes in the World Cup. Kudos to the selectors for making bold decisions at the outset and forming a formidable team. This means that the doors for Ganguly, Laxman etc have closed and they won't play ODI's again untill something really disastrous happens. We just wish Sachin a speedy recovery and hope that he finds his old touch back.