Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ayodhya Verdict

It was very very unique and absolutely unprecedented situation that in side the boundary wall and compound of the mosque Hindu religious places were there which were actually being worshipped along with offerings of Namaz by Muslims in the mosque[1].

And suddenly someone felt the need to create discontentment out of nothing and the temple movement was started. Hot headed extremists and cold blooded Machiavellians, one seeking redemption and the other political mileage rallied under the saffron flag and destroyed the very emblem of symbiotic unity in which fathers of modern India had placed their belief.

Today once again, we had to resort to partition to buy peace[2].

We seem to have mastered the art of creating a divide out of nothing. Partition is seen as a sure road to peace. Today India confused the deliverance of Justice with the appeasement of the masses.

A very saddening day in my life.

On a lighter note, it can be seen that it was us who first used 'Zero' and fractions, that too irrational fractions. [3]