Monday, November 13, 2006

Photos of Andaman

My elder cousin Hrishikesh Keskar went to The Andamans this october with his wife on a holiday. The Andamans are an abode of mother nature. The under water photos which he clicked reflect my statement.
I visited the Andamans a long back in 2001. These photos made me remember my sojourn once again.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Keep Away Mr. Jethmalani

After Pridarshini Matoo's rapist and murderer was sentenced to death we all felt that finally the Indian Judicial system has waken up to the sense of justice and finally after all criminal tendencies will be inhibited by the fear of punishment. But we were wrong because the existence of one man stops India from being a crime free state. Guess who is that person?
Ram Jethmalani. Jessica Lall's murderer comes to the court smilingly and his face bears no sign of shame. The reason - He knows that Jethmalani is behind him.
Jethmalani has many other dubious distinctions other than this case. Everytime a prestigious family is involved in heinious crimes like Dowry death, murder, rape, scams etc Jethmalani appears from nowhere as their saviour. The latest example being this. This should stop as early as possible. We should all protest against the octogenarian lawyer. Otherwise who knows how many other criminals will roam free in the future.